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Feasibility Studies and Financial Projections

Unfortunately, a majority of new business ventures fail. Some fail quickly and spectacularly while others slowly bleed resources until they are no longer viable. No entrepreneur expects to fail, but failure is stalking every business and new businesses are more vulnerable to the dangers in the business world. Proper planning is the best defense against business failure. The first step in planning a new venture is a feasibility study.

The investment of time and money in a feasibility study conducted by us will be rewarded with a stronger business better prepared to meet the hidden challenges in the business world. While it may look easy to predict a massive influx of wealth a couple of weeks after a new business venture begins, the reality is very different. To help combat such a situation occurring, it is best to have continuously updated Financial Projections developed for decision-making on changing business environment.

Financial projections developed by our Team are based on established mathematical principles combined with experienced analysis of available data. The data for a financial projection includes initial investment, start-up costs, expected operating costs, expected market involvement, expected sales and revenue, and more. Our Projections usually go out to five years and reflect complex calculations based on known and projected data.

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