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Payroll Services

Companies, wherever they are based, must pay the salaries of their employees in a timely manner. They must also ensure their income tax, EPF, and ETF compliance in terms of withholding, calculations, and reporting. Every country’s employment and tax system is different.

Auditro can provide a comprehensive but flexible outsourced payroll service that can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements. The first stage will involve registering the employer and its employees with the Labour Department, recording employment notices and contracts, obtaining bank details of the employer and employee, issuing employment no, and, finally, inserting all that information in the Auditro payroll system.


Insurance Services

Insurance, as part of a carefully designed and integrated risk management strategy, is one of the most effective ways to manage corporate risk and create a risk-free environment in which commercial activity can flourish and a company’s assets are fully protected.

A carefully structured insurance portfolio that provides full protection for a firm’s assets and operational capabilities is essential. Auditro Insurance Services has developed strong relationships with a network of leading insurers and partners in Sri Lanka, which enables it to provide a comprehensive range of corporate insurance policies.

Auditro Insurance Services will work with clients to assess their requirements and identify the appropriate level of protection that is needed to ensure that the insurance portfolio will be effective. In the unfortunate event of a claim, all Auditro Insurance Services clients enjoy access to a high-quality claims service that will support them through every stage of the process and ensure that they achieve a satisfactory outcome in the shortest possible time.


Talent Acquisition Services

Auditor can help businesses of all sizes find staffing options that align with their corporate objectives. We are aware that the efficient operation of essential business operations depends on the effective employment of HR personnel. Therefore, our team recognizes the significance of these placements and will go beyond what is necessary to identify the ideal candidates. From change management to talent acquisition and HR planning.

Our professional recruitment company can help you find staff that matches your business requirements. We have the necessary expertise to assist you through the recruitment process. Therefore, we can recruit, screen, interview, and hire employees on your behalf.

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