Forensic Audit

Forensic Audit

No company can ever have a system that’s absolutely fool proof. In this era of global linkages, every existing company is vulnerable to loss and failure. High-stake matters involving fraud, corruption, accounting irregularities, bribery by employees, collaborative deception by management, and compliance issues are often backed up by trust, credibility, and resources. These vital problems have engulfed most of the companies and have led to a devastating climax, ending in:

  • Loss of value
  • Costly litigations
  • Threat to the continuity of operations
  • Unauthorized use
  • Loss of reputation
  • Misappropriation of the company’s precious assets


We can help your company avoid such dreadful outcomes through immediate, actionable insights in the form of Forensic Audit.


Forensic Audit is the process of using the company’s accounting records to investigate possible fraud or other criminal activity. Such services help to examine and provide a basis for evaluation of a company’s accounting records and financial information, to be used, if required so, in legal proceedings. Companies conduct forensic audits to sue culprits convicted for fraud, robbery, or other financial misconduct.


If you’re running a company, and want to turn complex issues into:

  • Opportunities for resilience
  • Long-term advantage
  • Good governance & control

We can help & guide you to take steps towards anti-corruption, accountability and assets recovery, enabling you to gain the trust of the public and foreign investors.

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